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Hello from Dila   

Cosmic NavigatorⓇ, Channeler, Author


 Years ago on October 31 2001, my whole life was turned upside down and completely changed after I had a near death experience resulting in dramatically shifting my paradigm and how I viewed my whole life all of a sudden.  

 To my surprise, soon after having the “Near-Death” experience, I began to experience clear communications from seemingly “altered –States,” even though I was not altering my consciousness in any conceivable manner. These communications were occurring naturally and they seemed very clear and intelligent.


 Best of all, these messages were so very kind and loving.

The more I listened to these communications, the more the messages grew in clarity, love and intelligence.

 In the next morning of this experience, I felt convinced that I am no longer the one I used to be..  The whole world looked different from before. Everything I touch and feel now, is so different and completely new to me.  I felt " I have just landed on the Earth!".  

  It was very strange feeling but at the same time, I felt tremendously happy and secured.   


  Prior to this life changing event, I was a radio DJ, quite comfortable in having what I took for granted as a normal, yet busy life hosting many programs at several radio stations in Japan, and had never imagined nor longed for any form of a spiritual path, nor did I ever think or beleive I would be sharing my natural and holistic healing talents for clients in healing sessions or seminairs.   To tell the truth,  I was actually quite satisfied with my life, and I began to realize that my ego had believed and took comfort  in that idea for a long time.  

 In time, the messages helped me in my life in many positive ways, and at some point as my life cleared, soon the messages revealed the actual messengers – were living and were beings from the universe that shared great consciousness, care and love.


 These universal beings had started sending profound messages to me, sometimes all night long. Especially on the first contact night, it seemed that my brain would over-heat during their communications as the scope and perspectives they lovingly shared were so vast in comparison the the way I used to occupy my mind and distract myself with menial thoughts.   



 It took a few years to realize, that my journey to integrate with my future self had begun after that near death experience.

Since that first near death experience, (with several repeated events of near death experiences) and the metaphoric journey of going back and forth —from “pre” near death awareness, to “post” near death awareness, I was led to experience enlightenment.


 The universal beings ( including my future self),  have started communicating with me constantly since that first near death experience, trained me how to live the"Real me" (or my True-Self).     

The whole story of this experience was written a book I wrote entitled; " The Universe Unfolds," which was published in 2007 in Japan ( Japanese version only).  


 Now, the universal beings and I work very closely together to assist others in healing and answering deeper, more profound questions upon the nature of consciousness and our unique and individual part in the universe. These very loving universal beings are also sharing their conscious communications as well as their healing abilities in cooperative healing sessions, seminars and what I call and have worked to bring through a cosmic school of their understanding in Japan. 


 Everyone is beautiful, made from a boundless cluster of energy called " LOVE".   It expands to the entire universe and thus everything you see, touch and feel are all coming from you, made from your "LOVE".   

 At Universal Unfolding, you actually experience "this" awareness and enlightenment, assisting you to become the full you "reborn" as the True-Self.


 "We" are looking forward to meeting you.



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